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February 8, 2017

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"Welcome to the jungle!"

February 8, 2017

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Beach boys & girls

February 14, 2017

We have no idea what to do around the beach hotel besides going for a walk by the ocean and spending some more time around the pool reading and listening to music. Lesley books a body massage for the evening.


We make a slow start of the day with breakfast and then head out to the beach. No sun bathers here, in fact just a few other people, also going for a walk. We take some silly pictures jumping up and down and running on the beach, there’s no one here anyway.


 Well, there are some ‘beach boys’. They walk up and down the stretch of sand and approach tourists with proposals for tours. And in our case they also want to become ‘friends’ on Facebook. They ask our names and for this occasion, just a spur of the moment, we introduce ourselves as Layla and Natasha, two students :-)  But we assure the beach boy that we have enough friends and don’t need to connect on Facebook.



From the beach we head to the swimming pool. I do some more swimming, read, plug my music in… and get a bit bored. Surprise though when big raindrops start to fall. We gather our stuff and head to the restaurant just when the tropical rainstorm starts. It’s something they’re not used to around here and the rain keeps on falling for quite some time accompanied by a strong wind. “It’s magic,” the girl at the reception says. To us the rain is just a reminder of our home country Belgium.


Later in the afternoon the skies are clear again. Lesley heads out to her massage appointment and I watch the local kids play in the nearby lagune as the sun goes down. It’s my goodbye to Sri Lanka. Lesley returns feeling very relaxed after the massage and we have our last dinner at the hotel restaurant.





By 10 p.m. we’re ready to go to the airport and we’re happy Rohan is driving us there after all. It’s quite stupid they let him drive all the way up to the head office in Colombo (2 hour drive) to confirm that he would be the driver. This time of the evening it’s quiet on the roads. We arrive there at midnight but the flight is only at 4.30 a.m. Apparantly the rule is to be here 5 (!) hours in advance. Not looking forward to waiting so long, we can’t even check-in yet. We say goodbye for Rohan a second time. It seems only yesterday since he welcomed us here at the airport.





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