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Safari happiness: Tanzania adventure

Seeing hundreds of animals on the move in the Great Migration in the Serengeti, sitting down with women of the Datoga tribe, following young boys of the Hadzabe tribe on their morning hunt, being greeted by playful dolphins in the Indian Ocean while the sun comes up, hearing the lion’s roar in the stillness of the night... and so much more. That is Tanzania.

Brazilian adventure: jungle fever and samba rhythms

This is a warning: when you travel to Brazil you run the risk of coming back home suffering from ... Brazil blues! You’ll still hear samba beats, say ‘bom dia!’, yearn for the peace and quiet of the jungle, look for colour where you mostly see grey concrete and red brick, and you’ll miss the lust for life of the Brazilian people.

Japan, a world apart ...

Coming home from Japan you suddenly miss things you’ve never missed before: bird sounds in train stations, heated toilet seats, eating with chopsticks, vending machines with drinks on every street corner, colorful kimonos, temples in the middle of the city ... but most of all: the courtesy of people everywhere you go. 

Marco Polo described Sri Lanka as “the finest island of its size in the world”. Is it true? 

Two women, a big car and a roadmap … that is how the story of this traveladventure begins. From desert to ocean to savana plains and mountains, Namibia is a top destination for people who like to travel independently. 

From colonial cities such as Havana, Trinidad, Santiago de Cuba to the mesmerizing nature of the Valley of Vinales, the mountains of Sierra Maestra and the waters of the Carribean and Gulf of Mexico... If you're willing to travel and explore, Cuba impresses and leaves you enchanted. You'll keep the music in your ears even days and weeks after coming home.

Meeting the eyes of a mountain gorilla? Rafting grade 5 rapids on the Nile? Following a narrow rainforest trail awhirl with the heart-stopping pant-hoot chorusing of chimpanzees? Watching a prehistoric shoebill swoop down on a lungfish in the brooding reed-beds of Mabamba Swamp? The roaring, spraying sensory overload that is standing on the tall rocks above Murchison falls,...?

There is a reason the sun shines on New Zealand before anywhere else ...

Céad mile failte - a hundred thousand welcomes. Yes, that's how it feels to travel around Ireland, its stunning coastlines, ancient ruins, grand estates, cosy pubs, ... It's a dream for any roadtripper, sunshine or rain.

23 days, 3000 miles, from the shores of the Pacific Ocean to rocky deserts, red canyons, lush forests and mighty mountains, covering 4 states - California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona: southwest USA never bores. Cruising with your car down the sometimes endless highways is absolute freedom.

Nestled between the majestic Rocky mountains to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west lies Canada's western most province: British Columbia (BC). It is said that a strange thing happens when you arrive here. Your senses awaken. After traveling through BC - and a part of Alberta - for three weeks I can only confirm it's true. 

They don’t know what they’re missing. The tourists in Gran Canaria who lie on their sun bed or the beach the whole day, baking their skin untill they turn red or a sort of brown black. Maybe we should keep it a secret that Gran Canaria is in fact a stunning island with lots more to offer than resorts, packed beaches, shops and casinos.

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